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Fair Usage Traffic Quota Plesk Mini Cloud Hosting

How much data transfer, or bandwidth, is included in my Mini Cloud Plesk Shared hosting plan?

Our web hosting plans have a fair usage traffic quota for data transfer (bandwidth) Hostupcloud does not impose any hard limits on the bandwidth that your websites can generate. If you exceed the acceptable bandwidth usage for your web hosting plan, you will not be automatically billed and our monitoring system will not automatically impose any limitations. The acceptable bandwidth usage is determined based on routine tests on our shared hosting servers and our extensive experience in the field. In a shared hosting environment, many users share the same server resources, so it is important to ensure that each user gets a fair share of the hardware resources provided by their chosen plan and is not limited by other users hosted on the same infrastructure. Excessive bandwidth usage can affect server performance and negatively impact the uptime of your own website and other users' websites by consuming resources such as CPU, RAM, and I/O operations.

The bandwidth quota provided in our web hosting plans is sufficient to host most personal, small business, and community websites and allow them to grow and attract more visitors. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to establish a strong online presence, and in most cases, 99% of our customers have sufficient disk space and bandwidth to meet their needs.

To ensure optimal performance for all users and prevent resource TOS, we closely monitor our shared servers for excessive bandwidth usage. While most of our customers have sufficient resources to meet their needs, we do require all customers to comply with our Terms of Service and use bandwidth in a normal manner for their personal or small business website. In rare cases, we may need to restrict accounts that use significantly more resources than expected for a typical personal or small business website.

How do hosting providers determine the expected usage patterns, or 'normal' operation, for their web hosting plans?

To determine what is considered 'normal' usage for our web hosting plans, we regularly analyze the bandwidth utilization of our customers using statistical methods. In general, 99% of our customers fall within this range. However, the exact usage patterns may vary from month to month. If a customer consistently uses more bandwidth than the 'normal' range, it may indicate that they are using their account for file storage or sharing rather than web hosting. Our shared hosting services are not intended for these purposes, and we offer different plans that are better suited for high bandwidth usage. We aim to provide at least 72 hours notice to customers before taking any corrective action. Based on the evaluation of over accounts per hosting plan.


The average monthly bandwidth usage is as follows:


Hosting Plan Average Usage Acceptable Usage
Bitty Cloud 2064 MB 25000 MB
Hatchling Cloud 4084 MB 44200 MB
Baby Cloud 8120 MB 70900 MB


We understand that bandwidth usage may not always be due to organic traffic on your websites, and there may be other factors that contribute to spikes in usage. When we detect excessive bandwidth usage, we gather data from our monitoring system and create detailed reports that are easy for even non-technical clients to understand. You can verify the values we provide by using the AWstats feature in the Plesk service for your web hosting account. Our technical team is available to assist you in reducing your bandwidth usage as much as possible. Our monitoring system enables us to closely track the bandwidth usage of each user, and we use this information to provide specific data to the relevant customer and help them find the best solution for their situation. If the customer's website has generated the bandwidth through organic traffic, we will recommend a solution that can handle and support further growth of the site. Our experienced team has worked with many websites and knows which solution will be most effective. Customer satisfaction and success are our primary concerns, and we have seen many users thrive due to our advice and experience a significant increase in their audience and conversion rate. However, if a customer is uncooperative after receiving a detailed report from our monitoring system about their bandwidth usage, we will take necessary actions to protect the stability, performance, and reliability of our server.

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